Friday, October 21, 2011

Oh Kokka...

right quick, wanted to show some more fabrics that I'm loving.

Kokka has done it again with Woodland Biology. I ♡ everything woodland-esk.
 In actuality, I totally hate squirrels (assholes) and I eat deer BUT they are so cuuuute and this fabric is insane.
ridiculous. I want it.


Otay. Long time no type but I just came across a new fabric design group (at least new to me!) called Cloud 9. Great name and their designers have a certain adorableness that I love.

The Collection called Monsterz melts my heart butter... The designer is Michéle Brummer Everett (click on her name to see her blog/website, very sweet) and their stuff was so cute it inspired a blog post!

The first fabric is SPOTLIGHT in orange and then there is SWEET DREAMZ. It's little monsters... aww...

and Michelle Engel Bencsko does one (now a past collection called My Happy Nursery- best name ever) that is to die for.

DIE I say. There is something about bunting that makes me feel insanely happy...
This snazzy lady has an etsy shop too which is fun. She makes and sells tea towel Calenders which of course made me squeal.
(speaking of which, I plan to blog VERY soon about tea towels and they have recently secured a special place in my heart.)

uh... yeah. awesome.