Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tu-tu cute

Last summer in Telluride I made a project out of my god daughter Kirby's 3rd birthday gift. 
A bad ass tutu.
I found a super easy pattern which involves no sewing but a WHOLE lotta cutting. I had to cut something like 70 peices of tulle in several different colors to make this bad boy but its soooo worth it. The look on her face when she unwrapped it was priceless (sadly I didnt get it on camera, I was so excited to give it to her I totally forgot..) but WELL worth the bleeding fingers (just kidding, it was only once). I added a bunch of sequins, rosettes, flower embellishments and it turned out great. VOILA! (instructions below)

sadly, this picture is a little blurry and Ive been meaning to get a better picture of her in this but you get the jist of it. what a princess eh?


tulle: I bought 2 yds of 4 different colors (8 yds total) colors: (yellow, pink, blue, purple)
elastic: for the waistband. sew or knot it to the right size (note: you can also use a pretty ribbon that you tie at the back with a pretty bow. Great if you don't know the right waist size or want your girls of different ages to share)

Cut lengths of tulle (twice as long as you want your skirt length to be) in multiple colors into 3" thick lengths (time saver: you can fold tulle over twice or even three times and pin down together before cutting to cut a whole bunch together)

I paired 2 colors alternating in each 'section'. ie. blue/yellow, blue/pink, pink/purple, purple/yellow...  and repeat in same order all the way around (or whatever looks pretty to you)
Then lastly fold them in half and tie them onto your elastic by pulling tulle back through the loop around the elastic to secure it.
Rinse, repeat. Done! 

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