Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Candy Shoppes

Ive been meaning to post stuff Ive done or things I like and I came across these pictures from a little candy shop in Ouray, Colorado (near Telluride) called Ouray Candy Co. We visited Ouray last summer, it is a CUTE little town and this shop was incredible. there isnt a lot to this little town but when Duncan saw this place he  knew I was going to have a cow. Ouray- you mean HOORAY! (I jest)

A total throwback to old ice cream parlors, I felt like I was in a different time. The place was in the loveliest old building with high cielings and great big windows and the candy everywhere was so bright and stimulating. and the ice cream was lick the bottom of the bowl good.

                       Here are some pics I took with the old iphone. Enjoy!


Who remembers Rock Candy?!

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