Wednesday, May 4, 2011


so, this post was going to be all about finger puppets, the sweet little knitted puppets you wear on your finger to amuse your little ones. Typically the littler the child, the more amused they seem to be by the whole spectacle. I remember my god daughter Kirby when she was little was NUTS for the little crocheted animals.
so in my quest to find the cutest and greatest finger puppets in all the land I ran across THESE... see for yourself. Holy funniness. speaking of nuts... aherm...

can we say odd? but truthfully I totally love them. They are made by shop 'details girl' on etsy. (ah etsy, you bring me such joy...) Check out her other penis finger puppets here.

and as for the more normal variety (the kind you wouldn't be embarrassed to whip out in public /exposing your kids to) here are some favorites.


                    The 3 little pigs and their attacker. aka, the big bad wolf.

aw... now who thought a scary story about a big old rabid dog snacking on 3 cute piglets could make feel such happiness? (he probably wasnt rabid- I just added that for dramatic effect.) these gems are made from the WeeKnit (also off etsy- of course)

and they also sell a set of super hero girls (WAHAY!)

whats not to love about that?! If you are digging these you really outta go and check out her shop. Its a happy place...


also, latinoaboriginal sells a set of 10 that are super cute. less tongue and check and more aww... LOVE the Gnome!

and if you want to try your hand at making some, check out this awesome post on purlbee. If you make one you love, Id love to post it here on the blog. I may try my hand at one myself... hmm... I kinda suck at knitting... we'll see.

already folks. that's it for now. over and out.


  1. Hahaha these are nuts but kinda cute you need to have parents with a good sense of humour if you decide to buy them
    For a gift :) happy mothers day Hun!

  2. LOLOLLL the penis finger puppet is hilarious! so cute too