Friday, April 8, 2011

putting the FAB in FABRIC

Alexander Henry is another of my favorites. The fabrics are whimsical and fun. BIG fan. As you can see on my website, Ive used his Its a hoot fabric from time to time. ADORABLE.

Mod dot is another favorite. trés adorable! there is nothing better than a good polka dot.

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ ✁_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

and of course there is Kokka Japan... like everything Japanese, this shit is cute.
 Air Travel -pink
 Trefle Matroyshkas -Pumpkin
 Pears and Apples -Green
 sweet fruits -spice
Trefle Woodland -Natural 

and Melody Miller designs for Kokka- Ruby Star Rising Viewfinders -Pink ♡

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ ✁_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

 Next up we have Robert Kaufman, the master of geometric fabric. All 3 are from the Metro Living line. This first one is Lantern Lattice, in Marigold. There is a Moroccan feel to this one. it is so simple yet incredibly involved. it makes me think of honeycombs!
Rings -Carrot (great color descriptions!)
same line rings, in color pewter (reverse of color and white) I bought this one and it is just waiting to be used!

  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ ✁_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

A new designer for me is Carolyn Gavin (check out her blog- designerjots- good stuff! I love seeing a design's journey!) who line Spring Street is the BEST! I just love me some raindrops and the color mixing is super fun.
 Raindrops- light blue
Raindrops -yellow

and also sketch floral -orange SUPER rad. gets my brain clogs a turnin! these come in a variety of pretty colors too!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

the fabric of life MICHAEL MILLER

Like I mentioned in my earlier blog, I am in love♡ with Michael Miller fabrics and thought Id share my latest favs. Id love to do something with them in the future!
this first one is called Blocks Italiano from the Alfabeto Italiano Collezione. sigh... I ♥ alphabets...

 Bird of Norway from cute critters
This one is über-pretty and fun- the colors are to die for. or rather- to dye for. (hmm... just reached a new level of dorkdom) but both of these are more detailed than I typically use in my designs so I would probably use them as the backing for the growth charts of something similar. or bibs. they would make rockin bibs.


 The more geometric patterns tend to be more versatile and get used more for the little animals I make, like this one (also MM) feeling groovy and large leafy stripe are 2 that look GREAT together- I used them both on a reversible bib that was SO cute. A good geometric pattern is hard to beat!


BUT BACK TO THE FUN STUFF! now you wanna see something REAL cute? like- hurt cute? check it.
Bunting scallop (in retro line )✃
this gives me the cute-bumps like nothing else... I plan to design a whole range of stuff around this idea (the party flags) which you'll see soon!♡

 apple dot (spring) so simple- SO lovely. and versatile!

 bonehead (grey) I have this print sitting in my drawer just WAITING to be turned into something cool. Love it.


personally, I've always found it easier to design for girls (being one and all- watch me have all boys...) BUT there are a bunch of adorable fabrics for boys (or tom boys!) worth mentioning such as this one called honk honk (aw)
not to mention bicycles (color haze) but this could be both boy/girl. cute-o-meter is off the charts people!!!

and since there was a little boyishness, Id like to finish by evening out the sexes. not sure that makes sense... but GIRLY- YAY!
floral charm (cream)
and this one is zen garden (in sherbert- um hello? sherbert? AWESOME) that I would ♡ to pair with floral charm. perdy...

well, thats plenty of eye candy for one day. next, Ill be showcasing some other designer's fabrics such as Alexander Henry and Kokka... puuurrrrr...

Milk + Cotton website launched!

SO! Ive finally done it! (took me long enough) but I have made a website to sell my handmade mommy and baby gear! HORRAH!

go me! In case you are curious, (and I hope you are!) the website it (drum roll please)

I know I was going to call it spilt milk (for any of you are who are confused at this point) but this is much better, oui?

so feel free to stop by and take a look at the collections I have- there's the old trusty onesies as well as bibs, burpies and modest milks.

Handmade Onesies choose from a selection of designs
Modest Milks help mums breast feed their babies comfortably in public.

All my stuff is handmade with love and each piece is entirely unique- just like your little ones!
Right now I only have onesies for sale BUT if requested I could do other apparel such as little pants, or tshirts. I did a cute pair of yoga pants for my god daughter a while ago (I dont have a picture- poo.) that were stellar.

The bibs are made from scratch and are a lot of work but OH so cute.

BIG thanks and shout out to Bryn Williams and her adorable little Sage. We had a blast and got some VERY cute pictures for the website. Thanks guys!

As far as fabric goes, right now I have what I have and some of it I cant buy anymore so Im just going to use what I have, see what people like and then start a new line with a selection of fabrics. I love love LOVE Michael Miller

see more from the grey, citron, black collection- LOVE it.

(see also my post on favorite Michael Miller)

 if anyone comes across some lovely fabrics they would like to share, I would love to take a peek- you can email me or leave comments here.

by the by, Im thinking of not making the burpies anymore since its a lot of work for not a lot of cha-ching and I wonder if people really want to spend $14 on something thats designed for baby vomit? (truthfully, they make a REALLY cute set with the onesies or bibs as baby shower presents. And feel free to weigh in about this too- any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.